Data Breaches Are On The Rise

Did you know that financial identity theft is one of the biggest issues for SME? Imagine if your confidential business information ends up on the hands of your competitors or cyber criminal. How great will the impact be in terms of lost revenue and damaged reputation?

Many business owners share the mindset that security breaches won’t happen to them, and as a result, don’t have the proper in-house resources allocated to security. However, a 2013 survey found that 55% of companies with less than 100 employees respondents had suffered a data breach. In fact, 53% said that they had been victims of multiple breaches.

We Protect Your Business

Noosc developed a set of services to help you achieve a high level of security at all times (24x7x365), without sacrificing usability and freedom in using your day-to-day technologies. We will work with your employees, your budget, and your existing resources, in order to formulate the most suitable protection strategy for your business.

Top to Bottom - Inside and Out

We help you manage all source of security risks. From internet access, wireless access, remote access, local access, data access, to loss protection and leak prevention: we cover them all in one unified approach, so you’ll get the most of your money.

Key Reasons to Use Our Services:

  • Save Money: Gain access to our range of experts to consult IT-related strategic decisions, so you avoid wasting money on unnecessary IT expenses.
  • Increase Productivity: Gain visibility and control over what’s happening on your network, so you can reduce non-productive times employees spent on the Internet during business hours.
  • Improve Efficiency: Keep out all malware and viruses from your network to maximise the use of your IT resources for business activities.
  • Save Time: Stay connected to your office resources securely from anywhere at anytime, so you don't have to waste commuting time unnecessarily.
  • Minimize Interruption: Our "Secure Office Network" solution includes daily encrypted off-site backups of all your important files, so you can recover faster from IT-related disasters.
  • Prevent Information-Leak: Keep out hackers from your network, and detect unauthorised access and distribution of your confidential business information by disgruntled employees.
  • Minimize IT Investment: We supply all the hardware, software, and personnel to securely manage your IT — so you can focus investing on your core business areas.

  • Choose Your Package

    Our offering has negligible impact on your operational expenses, requires no up-front capital investment nor long-term commitment, keeping you in full control at all times. You also have the flexibility of starting small, and upgrading to higher level package to gain more protection as your business grow.



  • One Visit / Week
  • One Incident / Year
  • Six Visits / Year


  • One Visit / Week
  • Three Incidents / Year
  • Twelve Visits / Year

Our prices start from IDR 2,000,000 per month

Detailed Services List

  • Internet Access Security: Site blocking, attack monitoring & prevention, managed firewall.
  • Wireless Access Security: Centralised and secure wireless user registration and authentication.
  • Remote Access Security: Secure access to internal network from other locations by means of virtual-private-network (VPN).
  • LAN Security: Detection of unauthorized access, attacks, and/or virus activities.
  • Monthly External Vulnerability Assessment: Periodic check to discover network vulnerabilities that can be used as entry points by external attackers.
  • 24x7 Remote Security Monitoring: providing just-in-time and easy to understand alerts describing what happen and what needs to be done to address it.
  • Email Technical Support: Providing email advice and answers to customers' security questions and concerns.
  • Monthly Security Report: Describing highlights of security incidents, policy violations, and vulnerabilities detected through out the period, with practical recommendations as necessary.
  • Secure File Sharing Server: Centralised file storage protected with tight access control and access auditing, plus daily secure backup to easily recover from accidental file deletion, or other IT-related disasters.
  • Centralised Desktop Security Management: Standardise users' desktop environment and enforce company policies to minimise risks of human errors and malware infection.
  • Managed Desktop Antivirus: Provide configuration tuning and centralised event reporting for desktop antivirus to ensure maximum protection against malware.
  • Antispam & Antivirus For E-Mail: Centralised protection for email service to manage the risk of spam, phishing, and malware infection.
  • Email Data Backup: Includes server-side daily encrypted backup of all email data for disaster protection or auditing purposes.
Monitoring of unauthorised distribution of restricted company information on:
  • Internet Activities: Including file uploads to web sites, cloud storages, and web mail services.
  • Email Activities: Delivery of confidential data on email message body or attachments.
  • Removable Devices: Copying of restricted files to USB flash disks or other external physical storage.
  • Hotline Technical Support: Providing remote technical support to assist customers in troubleshooting problems related to subscribed services.
  • Weekly On-Site Technical Support: Providing on-site technical support to assist customers in maintaining their IT environment, including network, operating systems, and applications, that are related to their subscribed services.
  • Emergency On-Site Technical Support: just-in-time on-site technical assistance to remediate emergency situation related to IT infrastructure in general.
  • Emergency On-Site Security Incident Handling: just-in-time on-site expert assistance to remediate emergency situation specifically related to security issues.

So if you’d like to learn more about Noosc Small-Medium Enterprise Solution, please do not hesitate to contact us. You’ve got every reason to.

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