Large enterprise in today’s technology-driven and interconnected world understands that information security is a critical aspect that must be managed effectively to maintain acceptable level of business operational risk.

However, the current trend of increasing compliance and regulation requirements (i.e. PBI/OJK, PCI-DSS, ISO27001, SOX 404), infrastructure complexity, rapid development of new systems and networks, the sophistication of emerging threats, all lead to a higher quantity and quality of skill requirements for information security roles. As a result, for many companies the cost of maintaining appropriate number and expertise on the internal security team is simply too hard to justify, particularly since security is not part of their core business competency.

In response to this, we at Noosc developed a range of Managed Security Services specifically designed to alleviate the most challenging and time-consuming aspect of information security operation in large enterprises. By using our services, you will gain access to specialised security experts, along with an SLA-bound, accountable, and consistent processes used in our service delivery and support, that will help ensure the operational effectiveness and efficiency of related security controls in your company.

The delegation of resource-intensive responsibilities will also free your internal security team to focus on managing what really matters: your core security programmes and strategies, which are fundamental to the achievement of acceptable level of business operational risk.

Managed Security Monitoring

Ensures you can detect and respond rapidly from security incidents, by providing real time 24x7 monitoring of security events to detect intrusions or policy violations, and hands-on expert assistance on handling actual incidents.

Managed Threat Intelligence

Ensures you can correctly assess and mitigate technical security risks, by providing visibility and expert analysis of emerging threats and vulnerabilities to your infrastructure and applications.

Managed Security Devices

Ensures effective implementation of your security policies in your control devices (i.e. firewalls, IDS etc.), by providing expert advice and hands-on assistance through out the devices' configuration change-management cycle.

4 Essential Capabilities of Managed Security Monitoring

Low rate of false positive alarms.

SLA-bound monitoring and incident response.

Supports for custom business application logs.

Adherence with security management best practices.

4 Essential Capabilities of Managed Threat Intelligence

Covering all common enterprise technologies.

Comprehensive list of threat intelligence sources.

Actionable alerts and recommendations.

Monitoring of social media and underground activities.

4 Essential Capabilities of Managed Security Devices

Tight integration with pre-existing processes.

Security impact analysis of change requests.

Pro-active alerts on availability and capacity issues.

ITSM compliant change implementation process.